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Our Story

The essence of our beginning

Cyco Cafe was started by a business-minded chef, with a comprehensive background in Michelin level fine dining. As well as consulting on projects with some of the biggest names in retail and hospitality; he had set out to create an ethical business that really does deliver the best possible, every time.

Quality, Comfort and Consistency

From day one, we’ve been delivering the best we can, as well as we can. As a small independent, run by a collection of young like-minded individuals with a clear vision, we have to ability to deliver an experience that’s really is friendly and really is professional.

We've only just begun

With new creative minds bringing ever more to the table, we are pushing to expand our offering. We want better and bigger, but we will only do this by keeping our friendly style, focus on ethics, and maintain quality. So join us on this journey as we grow, expand, and make you feel satisfied.

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